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Why are Tribal Sun Tattoos so Popular?

Posted on 31 December 2008 by Tony

Tribal sun tattoos are so hot these days that many people are sporting it on their backs, chest, belly-button, or legs.

Despite its sudden fame, the sun tattoo maintains its mystery and does not seem so ordinary still. What is with this sun tattoo, anyway?

The sun is deemed to be a representation of warmth, energy, spirit, and life. Cultures in the past venerated the sun as if it was god, which is why men during these eras found the darkening of the sun to be a bad omen, which means the world is about to end. At the same time, they also believed that etching the sun onto your body is a trick to fight off evil spirits or forces.

But contemporary living does not entertain this old notion anymore, though modern men still see the sun as an important object of nature that adds vitality to this world. Sun is not associated anymore with apocalypse or wickedness.

Since tribal sun tattoos are infamous these days, how can your sun tattoo remain unique despite its resounding popularity?

The key is by joining membership on websites that offer printable design of tattoos. These websites have enormous database of quality designs for you to choose from. You can absolutely have a design that is truly your own and be sure no one else has it on their bodies. Yet, the difficulty lies in it being a time-consuming method to find the ultimate design for tribal sun tattoos.

The other strategy is to create your own choices of tribal sun tattoos. If you can sketch or draw your preferred design and have that polished by a professional tattoo artist in a quality image that is made easier for copying, then this would be a great idea for you to have your personal design etched on your body.

Tribal Sun

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Maori Tattoo Designs

Posted on 06 November 2008 by Tony

The maori tattoo designs have a very rich and powerful culture carried with them all the way to the present times. The Maoris were the natives of New Zealand and were known for their intricate facial designs that were known as “moko” or facial tattoos. What makes this design different from the ones we know of today is that the maori tattoo designs are all over the face and not just merely on the shoulder and arms. The people long before used their tattoos as their symbols, their signatures, and their identities everyday up to the coming of the Europeans.

The natives described the birth of the Maori moko through a myth or legend. They preserved the history of their facial tattooing rituals until such time that their land was discovered by the Europeans. Modernization began to unfold and the tradition of the moko began to deteriorate. But we see how strong their culture is with regards to their facial tattoos when the men used the moko of their chief as a way of signing an agreement with the foreigners. Hence, it was known as an artistic form of writing that continued up to the 1800s.
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The Stunning Appeal Of Tattoos On Lower Back

Posted on 31 October 2008 by Tony

Tattoos are now being considered as part of the fashion statement already. As a matter of fact, tattoos are now booming in terms of popularity all over the world. And along with this popularity is the increase in numbers of tattoo artists as well as tattoo parlor shops. Most of these tattoo artists have skills in fine arts and technical trainings. In addition, tattoos can be placed in any parts of the body.

Nevertheless, tattoos on lower back are the choice of many people especially women in this day and age. In point of fact, women tend to search for outstanding tattoo designs for their lower backs on the worldwide web.

There are actually various reasons why people, the women population to be specific, choose to have back tattoos. First and foremost, lower back is the most sensual and erotic part of a woman’s body. Thus, tattoos placed on this part can be very stunning and catchy. Furthermore, they can be easily covered up. In this way, people who are not allowed to wear tattoos on their workplace can still have tattoos inked into their skins without their bosses noticing it. This is due to the fact that tattoos on lower back can only be shown if one really wants to flaunt his or her flesh. Hence, it is safe to say that such tattoos really generate the creative mind of almost everyone.

Lower back tattoos are usually being done around a woman’s waistline. There are actually a wide range of designs intended for them. Most of these designs can be located on the worldwide web. There are tons of example pictures online which people can choose from. Tribal designs are the topmost preferred designs when it comes to lower back tattoos. This is due to the fact that such designs bring forth ethnic appearance.

Nevertheless, there are also other designs which are available. Some of these are the butterflies, Celtics, dragons, and flowers. The shapes and styles of these tattoos are the ones which are responsible for the outstanding appeal and look of such tattoos. In addition, back tattoos which have something to do with winged creatures seem to be very eye-catching because it adds an extra allure and appeal to tattoos. If truth be told, winged creature designs can be accentuated by way of the natural designs such as flowers and plants.

Indeed, tattoos on lower back are the best choice for women who want to have tattoos marked on their skin. There is actually no doubt about it because lower back is the best part of the body to have tattoos. This is due to the fact that lower back tattoos are very catchy and can make women look more fabulous.

In point of fact, there are various lower back tattoo designs which are available all over the place. Thus, choosing the best design may be a difficult thing to do. Nevertheless, the chosen and desired tattoo designs should be something which can be appreciated for one’s entire life since tattoos are being imprinted onto the skin. Hence, the meanings and symbolisms of tattoo designs are somehow important.

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Tribal Tattoos – Then and Now

Posted on 05 October 2008 by Tony

Did you know that tribal tattoo designs are amongst the top three of the most popular and searched tattoo designs in the whole world? Tribal tattoos have been with us through so many decades ago through our ancestors. They can be tattooed in the different areas of your body though it is more common at the back, at your sleeves and at your ankle.

Photo courtesy of flickr

Tribal ankle tattoos, as well as all the tribal tattoo locations, are widely used in tribal communities up to these days. The chief usage of these is for identification. Each tribe has its own tribal design and each tribal design significantly means their way of living, their spiritual beliefs and their guide in the afterlife. One tribe member can easily spot another just with the tribal tattoo. Nowadays, fraternities and gangs duplicate this practice in a way to identify their own.
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Dragon Tattoo Designs For Power And Strength

Posted on 23 September 2008 by Tony

People have tattoos for a whole variety of reasons. This means there are a huge variety of different designs available. One of the most popular among these designs is the dragon tattoo designs.

Most of the epics and mythologies of almost all cultures in the world include dragons as characters. As a matter of fact, ancient carvings and drawings from ethnic people also featured dragons. Thus, there is no doubt why dragon tattoo designs are very popular. Furthermore, the dragon tattoos convey a lot of meanings, symbols, and representations as well.

Dragon designs represent explosiveness and fierceness. This is due to the fact that dragons are explosive, fierce, and strong in nature. They are explosive and fierce in a sense that they emit fires through their mouths. Hence, mixed martial artists and athletes use such designs to signify their own powerful skills in the field of fighting.

Dragons are said to be legendary, mystical, and magical creatures. And this is the reason why dragon tattoos are used to represent magical and mysticism. Dragon designs which symbolize magic and supernatural things are vibrant in colors and styles.

In addition, dragon tattoos sometimes convey power. This is just common because dragons are really powerful in nature as well as in appearance. In point of fact, no one has ever seen nor heard about weak and lousy dragons. Thus, people who feel that they are very powerful usually choose dragons as their tattoo designs.

Dragon designs as tattoos are being used by many people especially tattoo artists to signify protectiveness and loyalty. This is due to the fact that the aura of dragons has a strong sense of protectiveness and loyalty towards their family and fellow dragons. And this is the simple reason why most dads and moms out there prefer this kind of tattoo designs, since they are the basic foundation of a strong bonded family.

Moreover, muscular men choose dragons as their tattoo designs to represent the warrior nature within them. If you can notice, most of the movies which include dragons as the characters usually show that dragons are used to fight the enemies or the antagonists. Thus, many macho men use dragon designs to show that they can fight alone and take control of any situation, especially in times of miseries.

Men are not the only ones who can use dragons as their tattoo designs. This is due to the fact that even women can choose and use dragon designs as their tattoos. Designs of dragons used by women signify intelligence, independence, and toughness. Thus, women who use dragon tattoos are said to be undeniably strong in nature.

Indeed, dragon tattoo designs from different cultures convey and represent different kinds of meanings. However, we have to consult first a tattoo artist and research for tattoo catalogs if we want to have dragon tattoos. You can also have a look at online tattoo websites available on the worldwide web. We just have to make sure to choose and use awesome designs of dragon tattoos to get the most impact.

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Lower Back Tattoo Designs

Posted on 16 September 2008 by Tony

Lower back tattoos are becoming hugely popular, especially amongst women and teenage girls. There are many different designs available, some unique but most follow a similar pattern. Lower back butterfly tattoos are also popular, although commonly they can be seen on the shoulder of a person.

Most lower back tattoo designs tend to follow a “T” like shape. They are always symmetrical and placed in the centre of the small of the back. Here’s an example of a popular shape:

They are usually placed above the waistline, so they can be seen even if the jeans or trousers are not low cut. People really like to show them off whenever they can, so short t-shirts or tops are usually worn to give them the exposure they deserve.

Of course, some people like to go a bit more fancy, such as this:

Whatever design you go for, just make sure you remember that once you get it done, they cannot be removed very easily. So take your time choosing and don’t rush into it whatever you do!

Make sure you look through as many different designs as you can until you find the one that suits you best and you really like. To save you browsing around for hours, you can instantly view thousands of designs from sites such as Chopper Tattoos. There you have all the tattoos arranged into categories, so it won’t take you long to pick your design, print it out and take it to your local tattoo parlour.

Lower back tattoo designs are one of the most popular tattoos amongst women but it doesn’t mean you can’t use your imagination and get one elsewhere. Actually, once you get one, you will almost certainly want to get another one! Like the famous Pringles advert, “Once you pop, you just can’t stop!”

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